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Proudly Presented By 1st Wantirna South Scout Group

What is Top Gear Scout ?

Top Gear Scout is BACK for Top Gear Scout 2018!

Are Your Scouts & Guides ready for another 2 days of action packed fun at Mafeking Rover Park?

At Top Gear Scout 2018 your Scouts will compete against other Patrols over the weekend in a competition camp like none other!
For those aged 12 and up they even have the opportunity to learn how to drive a car in our very own Junior Development Program (JDP).

There will be lots of activities to keep them busy all weekend & we guarantee they’ll leave wanting more!

This is also Fully Catered Weekend! There is no need for your Scouts to miss out on any of the action by needing to return to camp to cook!!

Top Gear Scout 2018 is only open to all Registered Scouts & Guides

Below is a just a few of the proposed activities for the weekend!

BMX Challenge

The BMX Challenge will consist of two tracks, The Mafeking BMX Course and our Obstacle Challenge!

Billy Cart Kaos

The Billy Cart Kaos will consist of three tracks. Downhill, Cross Country & A Slalom Track.

Patrols will need to work together to get their Billy Cart through the tracks in lowest possible time.

Billy Carts will need to be constructed prior to the weekend and a set of build requirements will be available shortly.

Junior Development Program (JDP)

The JDP will be open to Scouts aged 12 and above, this activity will have Scouts being taught how to drive a car under the instruction of our CAMS Licensed drivers.

Parents will be required to fill out the CAMS License Paperwork before the weekend in order for your Scout to participate.

Hot Laps

Scouts aged 12 and above that are participating in the JDP will be taken for a Hot Lap in one of the Rover Scout Motorsport Race Cars. This will surely get the adrenaline pumping!

Car Smash Madness

The concept is simple. There will be a number of cars, we provide all the safety equipment and hammers.

This is a chance for Scout to let off some steam or frustration!

Stay tuned for more exciting activities as we get closer to the weekend!

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